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Ready for my spread by SchizoIori
Ready for my spread
So a while back I made a lovely little teen model Grimmy for blackstorm . Well now he's all grown up and ready to make bank off his updated alterations. Since Grimm's birthday is soon, and I'm going to be too busy to post something, here's some art and drabble. Hope you enjoy it stormy! :heart:

Grimmjow is (c) Kubo Tite

Grimmjow has been doing this since he was a teenager. Nothing in the modeling industry really surprises him anymore. He's been around various celebrities, dated a few, men and women. There's been more than enough strange photoshoots, promiscuous spreads, and "noble" causes to last him a lifetime. He's been threatened to be dropped from a contract for altering his appearance, and he has been fired as well. Granted, he was very quickly snatched up by Ichimaru Gin's group, which made his former employed weep ugly tears and attempt to bring him back with more pay. He'd refused, happy with the direction of 'Studio 6'. They more than enjoyed his alternative appearance, and seemed perfectly okay should he choose to get more modification.

The one thing that he particularly liked about working for 'Studio 6' was the photographer he was with on a regular basis. Ichigo had a very focused look when he was shooting. He said very few things and opted more to adjust with his hands. Grimmjow enojoyed the touch every time. He also liked that Ichigo had a tendancy to play industrial or hard rock music while shooting. It somehow worked well for creating the perfect environment to fire him up. Rarely did they talk. Grimmjow knew several languages himself, but he'd only really heard Ichigo speak Japanese aside from a few commands in english. But what he couldn't say to the ginger photographer in words, he made sure to tell him with his eyes and body language. He always knew it was having an effect when amber eyes would turn more intense and would seem to glow with angry challenge. He loved it. Soon he was going to get so much under Ichigo's skin that the marks would be as permanent as his tattoos.
Dunbar Kilt 2 by SchizoIori
Dunbar Kilt 2
Number two in my William Kilt series. Again, tattoos and piercings to go with the whole goth aesthetic. Also, digging his cyberpunk boots.
William in a Kilt by SchizoIori
William in a Kilt
I had a whole series of drawings of William Dunbar wearing the goth kilt fashion from last year and the year before, so I decided to upload them now. He's been aged up and pierced/inked for that delicious goth boy appearance. Men in kilts are beautiful.
Mer-ichi by SchizoIori
I decided to revisit mer-ichigo from Shadowthorne’s fanfic “let me drown”. I’m very pleased with the result on this one as well. I highly recommend reading this grimmichi fic if you love a good angst.I'm posting this here from my tumblr so this is a belated repost I guess. I really enjoyed drawing this though. The story is so tragically lovely.
tagged by :icondarkandlilium:

The Rules
1.- You must posts these rules.
2.-  Each person has to share 10 things about them
3.- Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer 
4.- Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal
5.- Go to their page to inform them they are tagged
6.- Not something like " you are tagged if you read that"
7.- You have to legitimately tag 10 people
8.- No tag-backs
9.- You can't say that you don't do tags.

Facts about me:
1. I love storms and want to go on a chase before I die
2. Stingrays, sharks, foxes, and spiders are my fave animals
3. I want to make a novel about a gay couple, but I'm a little scared to
4. I feel naked without eyeliner on
5. I don't think sex is taboo, I feel it's important to intimacy with your S/O
6. I have scars on my upper arms where I used to nervously scratch them
7. I enjoy rubbing my feet on carpet because I like the texture
8. I used to be afraid of public toilets
9. Boys were afraid of me when I was younger
10. I get distracted easily

Her questions:
1. Favorite song and favorite quote (from the song)- why? Wait for me- Shiny Toy Guns. 'to a higher place where love won't die.' it's a romanticized ideal of love being eternal.
2. Favorite youtuber(s)? guess I don't really have any, But I occasionally like the WhenYouWish studios for disney MEPs
3. Which style of art do you like best? abstract, kinetic, gestural
4. What is your dream career? Fuck I don't even know anymore. I would like to be a trainer with Lancome Cosmetics though.
5. What was your first drawing when you came to DA? original characters from something I was working on with a friend
6. Do you like to cook? love to
7. Put a thumb of your favourite drawing. Doesn't have to be yours. that's too hard to choose. I have way too many faves
8.  Train A, traveling 70 miles per hour (mph), leaves Westford heading toward Eastford, 260 miles away. At the same time Train B, traveling 60 mph, leaves Eastford heading toward Westford. When do the two trains meet? How far from each city do they meet? fuck math, but 2hrs from their start at 140vs120
9. Your stuck in a dark room with no exit. What do you do? find out if there is anything else in the room. If not, sleep
10. What is the title of your favorite book? The Tombs of Atuan

My Questions:
1- What is your favorite sound?
2- Do you remember your dreams?
3- What's the weirdest dream you remember?
4- Why did you choose a particular color as your favorite?
5- What does your name mean?
6- Who would you like to meet someday?
7- What's the numerology for your birthdate
8- Do you believe that horoscopes have truth to them
9- What's your life philosophy
10- How do you feel about where you live.

People I'm tagging: fuck the rules I don't care to tag anyone.
  • Listening to: red light district- midi Matilda
  • Reading: Silmarillion
  • Watching: one piece
  • Playing: Final Fantasy VII
  • Eating: pickle
  • Drinking: monster


Artist | Varied
United States
Hey all,

Name's Cin. I'm a huge dorkface if you can't tell from my gallery. I love art, sewing, cooking, and music. I also dabble in writing a bit. I'm a graduate of UNT with a BFA in watercolors. I did probably over 100 some odd pieces for my college portfolio. Only a few of those are posted here. My main goal is to once I finish paying off college things, start up my own bistro-gallery.

For the odds n' ends. My favorite color is orange. my favorite food is tomatoes and green onion with feta and vinaigrette. Fave song? probably Frozen oceans by shiny toy guns. My hobbies include, cosplay, writing stories, doodling, taking walks, searching for new types of food. Something I want to do before I die is chase a tornado.

I'm fairly simple and open-minded. Feel free to PM me or msg me on aim. (if I'm on)

Current Residence: the abstract
Favourite genre of music: electronica, Dream House, Industrial, Synth-pop/rock
Favourite photographer: Eva, SkyPirate, EBK
Favourite style of art: abstract representation, gestural
Operating System: buh vista
Wallpaper of choice: Honu and I
Favourite cartoon character: Sai, Itachi, Hiei, Tifa
Personal Quote: Art is the result of an insatiable urge in the creative mind

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LOL I'm all late! Thank you so much hun! I didn't see this until just now because I was having an issue with deviant art!. :hug: It was really nice despite having work overload. I had hoped to GrimmIchi something for 6/15 but that didn't happen. oh well. Thank you so much though! :heart:
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Awwwwweh. I just wanted to show ya some love for your birthday! :heart:
RainbowyHeart Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2014
My shark is finished now if you want to take a look. Please let me know what you think! :)
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I squealed.
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